The good Neighborhood

What about The good Neighborhood?

The Good Neighborhood (La Buena Vecindad) it is a community-based program whose objective is to provide the kids with spaces of coexistence in which they can develop and exercise their life skills as key actors in the culture of peace in their communities.

What are we doing?

During 2018 we will execute the pilot program.

In this space and in our social networks we will be informing about the activities that we carry out and about the development of this first stage of the program.

How can you get involved?

We will open the first call for those who want to be part of the program.

If you are an organization that work with children and youth on issues of coexistence, life skills and/or culture of peace, and you are interested in being part of The Good Neighborhood (La Buena Vecindad), register in our database ("JOIN US") and we will keep you informed about the development of the program and how you can get involved.