Follow me the good ones

What it is?

They are campaigns to call for citizen action, in order to raise awareness and motivate the kids to improve their coexistence and the relationship with their community (spaces).

We seek to activate different communities, even in different countries, so that at the same time and with a common goal, kids perform actions that contribute to improve the environment in which they live and how they relate to it

How does it work?

Mainly the work will be carried out through social networks, to create community and add more people to the cause.

Mechanisms that allow us to be more effective and efficient in the solution of social problems, helping us build trusting relationships, avoiding duplications and reducing costs. We all need to engage with society, therefore, FCH is convinced that collaborative activities are the future and that sharing experiences with others is a way to face the challenges and threats that the current world brings and that surpass the resources of any sector. Alliances between sectors have the potential to create innovative solutions for development, under an integrated and sustainable approach.


Together we can achieve it!

Good guys, follow my lead!